About Us

We make brands reevaluate everything
they think they know by posing
the simplest, hardest question ever:
Do you know who you really are?

When we asked ourselves the same question, we realized that we are game changers.

While driving large corporations towards results that prove both enthralling and forward-looking, we also help startups get off the ground through lean strategies. We’ve been there. We’ve done that. And we strive to leave a positive impact for brands that will become household names.

Our Milestones

Our Start

A group of young talents believes that creativity runs everything worldwide and embarks on what will be the most exciting journey of their life: QUAAB is born in Brooklyn, NY, under the name of C.R.E.W. Collective.

Family Collective

Our visual production team becomes a powerhouse. It's the inception of our sister agency that helps clients throughout the US build impressive, memorable TV commercials.

Empower & Grow

As we retrace our company's growth path for our 3rd birthday, we ask ourselves: What do we want the world to remember us for? We start sharing our expertise with like-minded organizations by providing free mentoring programs and state-of-the-art tools.


Our teams go remote, and our office hours get shorter. As we implement a 4-day week, on the 5th day we encourage our talents to pursue a digital course of their choice, paid for by QUAAB, to boost their skills in a specific area of interest.

Podcastfarm INC.

We take a seat in PodcastFarm INC, an American startup specialized in the production of business podcasts. Our clients do the talk, and leave everything else to us , and get to stand out from the noise with utmost peace of mind.

A New Beginning

Our name changes, but our soul doesn't. We remain focused on making a meaningful impact in the marketing and advertising industry, aiding organizations to navigate the COVID-19 new normal through enhanced crisis management operations that reset communication to a more personal, intimate level.

QUAAB Financial

We sign strategic partnerships with financial consultancy firms in the US and Italy specialized in assisting SMEs in IPO operations, internationalization, planning, green innovation, and access to public funding and corporate finance.

Our Goals: Marketing tools can become shaping machines of social change.

Brands should not try to escape disruptive evolution, and we are intent on helping them create the shifts that we all want to see in the world. At QUAAB, we promote the Culture of Innovation while observing new generations of consumers jumpstart the process.

As price and quality-at-any-cost are no longer perceived as leverage points, new consumers increasingly feel the urgency of knowing whether companies are generating public benefits beyond profit. Namely, to what extent inclusivity, diversity, green adaptation, and social innovation are implemented within the organization.

We cheer this change, and inspire our favorite brands to take real action!

How we do it?
  • Collaborations
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Lateral Thinking
  • Adaptations

Takeaway missions


We are keen on assisting public benefit and for good corporations as well as social impact startups in delivering effective communication strategies and building thought leadership that can transform them into agents of social change. It’s about envisioning a new kind of intellectual framework that allows companies to view their brand from a different perspective, and constantly reassess their external and internal engagement operations.

Our social impact strategies are designed to improve our client’s overall mission, not just its brand identity. They serve as concrete and measurable plans that have quantifiable business outcomes and definitive societal impacts.

  • We apply our client’s talent in partnership with organizations that address shared pressing issues, including education, economic development, the environment, and racial and social equity;
  • We support workforce integration within organizations to help them promote diversity and create opportunities for disadvantaged communities;
  • We endorse organizations who are forerunners in education technology and are willing to share their offer with our clients to implement communal strategies of advancement.
​​Green Adaptation

The global strain on our planet and environment, coupled with a consumer desire to choose eco-friendly products for healthier living, creates immense inspirations and opportunities for enforcing positive e-marketing. We vehemently believe and support brands with a green conscience: Not only do they attract better talent and woo discerning consumers, but they also wind up building communities and boosting the bottom line. As they say, if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

Nearly 90% of Americans report being proactive about helping the environment and living more sustainable lives. So it’s no wonder that in today’s digital world, the importance of doing good for the planet is firmly front-and-center: It extends far beyond just generating a good deal, and it starts with taking action from within the advertising industry.

  • We minimize our agency’s footprint by encouraging working from home, implementing distance learning and training for our recruits, and operating almost exclusively digitally on all things administrative and organizational.
  • We partner with purpose-driven organizations to aid like-minded brands break through the mainstream reticence to green marketing.
  • We invest in elevating local to global with a clean mission at heart.
Social Innovation

Over 80% of executives say that their future success is dependent on innovation: It allows organizations to stay relevant in the competitive market while promoting economic growth. At QUAAB, however, we think beyond our own good: We challenge industry incumbents by offering catalytic innovations that reach a broader spectrum of society.

Developing and deploying effective solutions to exacting and often systemic social issues is our best chance at implementing innovation that can ensure social progress. To us, social innovation is not a matter of coolness, but survival.

  • We ensure that inclusive leadership is embedded into all manager and executive training and that senior leader sponsorship is in place to coach diverse employees from day one;
  • We maintain a full calendar of events to recognize and celebrate diversity. We conduct global webcasts, leadership panels, and focus groups around cultural diversity to prompt customized strategies;
  • We favor services and open source methods that are simpler and less costly than traditional alternatives because they are overseen by mainstream business models, including online volunteering and microedit.
Advertising Industry Reshaping

You are wary of legacy agencies driven by profit; dissatisfied with monotonous grandeur; annoyed by static uniformity. So are we. At QUAAB, we like thinking smaller to get bigger. To us, change starts from within our industry, and we put ourselves on the line to bolster the shifts we want to see in the world.

That’s why we always check the grounds before advocating to build impressive constructions, and we tap into the value of creative personalities across the board to sustain a more humane and transparent business model.

  • We push digital advertising to lower costs and increase reach efficiency organically, starting from behavioral data and native advertising;
  • We embrace the science of innovative tracking technologies that interpret authentic consumer demand while safeguarding privacy.
  • We apply the very same start-up values that helped us to grow to support new brands as well as household names in search of sincere renovation.